Here’s a little battybattybat for your dash!

This was a quick in stream custom for a commissioner during the livestream earlier! uwu Based on a character.
I still love browsing the nobama tag

It’s like reading pure unfiltered stupid. Like, not regular stupid but, 150 proof, George Bush has a higher IQ, stupid.

Be careful though, you can only read so much until major organs start to fail. xD


when you close out of the wrong tabimage

Just hit Ctrl + Shift + T to bring it back, geez

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Sites including Twitter, Reddit and Netflix, are on a “go-slow” protest today over proposals that could create fast web lanes for some companies.
Critics say such plans would break net neutrality – the principle that all traffic is treated equally online. Why is my internet slow today? 

I think that Markiplier needs to put some googley eyes on his Oculus rift. 
Just imagine them furiously googling when something jumps out from the darkness.

Mike Brown

My blog has been remarkably silent on the mike brown shooting and I’m sorry for that. It’s difficult for me to put my anger into words. A white police officer shot an unarmed black child. Barely old enough to serve his country and he was cut down by some ignorant, racist, backwoods good ol boy. And then to watch the rest of the police force circle their wagons and protect this murderer. To watch them attack the people they’re supposed to protect for speaking their mind. It’s too much and I hope that police officer never gets severely punished. I hope they put him in a local prison, so he can make up for lost time with all the people he put there.

"But if you train them how to use it everyone will be safe…"
9-year-old accidentally kills range instructor with Uzioh…